Microsoft Excel English Version

Microsoft Excel is a program that allows you to organize data in spreadsheets, as well as in charts. Its extensive menus include many rules to streamline your work so that you can quickly and easily manage and store the data you need for analysis, forecasting and measuring productivity. Excel learns with each use, so it will prompt or fill in parts of the sheets with the appropriate content without the need for rules or macros.

This manual is a brief description of basic operations in Microsoft Excel. For full access to the manual, and all documentation, go to.

Saving a workbook to OneDrive in Excel

Save the workbook to OneDrive to access it on different devices and share and collaborate on it with others.

  1. Choose File -> Save As.

  • In the case of a workplace or educational institution, we select the item
    OneDrive - <Company Name>.

  • For personal files, select the item
    OneDrive - Personal.

  1. Enter a file name and select Save.

Sharing the workbook with others

  1. Select Share or choose File -> Share.



  1. Select from the drop-down list who you want to share with, or enter a name or email address.

  2. Add a message (optional) and select Send.

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