Webmail client and calendars


Gdańsk Tech webmail and Gdańsk Tech Calendars applications are available at webmail.pg.edu.pl, which generally provides an integrated system including the following functions:

  • Gdańsk Tech webmail – access via the web interface (a solution similar to the Roundcube web client available at roundcube.pg.edu.pl)

  • Address book – giving access to the e-mail address data of all Gdańsk Tech employees

  • Calendar – a solution replacing previously used calendars

  • Task list – reminding about tasks or activities to be performed

Access to "new" calendars and to "new" e-mail is possible via webmail.pg.edu.pl. After going to the website, a login screen is displayed in which you should enter:

  • username (login) – such as to the Moja PG portal:

    • employees – they provide a short login (written without the domain @pg.edu.pl, usually created from the first three letters of the first name and five letters of the surname),

    • students – they provide login in the format s<album_number>, e.g. s123456 or login@student.pg.edu.pl,

  • password – same as to the Moja PG portal.

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Dear users! Remember that mail administrators, as well as other employees of the IT Services Centre (CUI), NEVER ask you to send/provide your LOGIN along with your mail PASSWORD at the same time (or the PASSWORD alone) for any purpose (e.g. to confirm the validity of your account, to retrieve your data, to confirm your identity, to enlarge your mailbox, or to unlock your mailbox etc.).
Do not disclose your account password to any person!

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