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The new Gdańsk Tech service is available via web browsers at the address, integrating access to several services, including Gdańsk Tech Webmail and Gdańsk Tech calendars.

The Gdańsk Tech e-mail service can also be used "traditionally" by programs such as email clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook etc. – it is necessary to configure them), installed in computer operating systems.

The following illustration shows the appearance of the new Gdańsk Tech Webmail interface – as soon as you log in. In every modern web browser, i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera (older versions of IE may not work, because they do not support the majority of current technical standards) the interface will look almost identical. The ability to handle e-mail through the browser ensures the comprehensive availability of Gdańsk Tech mail, regardless of your operating system or installed applications.

You can easily customize the interface to your individual needs. You can choose the view shown in the above illustration, as well as the horizontal and vertical view, see the two following illustrations.

View settings are available in the menu to which the shortcut is located in the upper right corner of the screen under the name View.

To create a new message, click on the option Compose, as in the figure below.

The window for creating a new message is similar to analogous windows in other e-mail programs:

In Webmail you can mark messages as important. This is done by assigning a colour to the message. The illustration below shows the possible colours to choose.

To ensure the comfort of sending e-mails, the new Gdańsk Tech e-mail system uses the global address book (read from the so-called LDAP PG directory). The address book contains e-mail addresses of all employees of the Gdańsk University of Technology. When creating a new message, answering or redirecting messages, all you have to do is enter only the fragment of the name, address or name of the intended recipient in the To field. This will display a list of hints from which to select the correct recipient.

All e-mail addresses saved in the address book are available after entering the Adress Book option. The addresses are sorted alphabetically. Details of the contact are available after moving the mouse over it and clicking on the desired position.

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