MS Teams account activation / Password reset

  1. Go to the MS Teams website

  2. A login page will open, where you can enter your login or select it from the list - if there is a selection from the list and you do not see the correct login (with the domain or if you are a student) click Use another account.

3. Enter your login with the domain or (a shortened login is required) and click Next

4. In the next step, click Forgot my password

5. The screen with the code to be rewritten will open - rewrite the code from the picture and go to

6. Choose one of the available verification methods - most likely it will be only one method - email. Therefore, we click the E-mail address buton.

7. Now we go to our Gdańsk Tech Mail inbox and wait for an e-mail in which we will find a six-digit verification code.

8. Enter the code you received in the Enter the verification code field

9. On the next screen, enter the new password twice.

10. Your password has been changed, you can log in now

The first time you log in, you may see the message Need more information - click Next. At this stage, you should decide for yourself whether you prefer to provide a business phone number or a business email, we suggest that you provide the Gdańsk Tech email. We provide the Gdańsk Tech address in the domain and then click Send an email.  Another email address will be sent to us with a verification code, which we must enter on the page and press Verify. After successful verification, it will be possible to use the account.

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