eLearning Platform (eNauczanie)

eLearning (eNauczanie in Polish) at the Gdańsk University of Technology is a process of education using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), which is becoming an integral part of the University's education and virtualization. Within eNauczanie platform, courses are available in electronical form (via web browsers or as a part of mobile application) – created using the popular Moodle software.

Information about obligatory courses for students is available at Mandatory courses for students

An e-learning platform with courses is available at enauczanie.pg.edu.pl.

The front page of the platform has the appearance as in the image below.

For detailed information about the eNauczanie service, go to subchapters using the side navigation menu.

In case of errors or omissions in the manual, please contact the Helpdesk (please include a link to the article containing inaccuracies).

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