Incoming Erasmus Student registration process

Erasmus Students arriving at Gdańsk Tech should complete a registration form on the site (directly from, select Erasmus tile from the Menu).

Step by step instruction:

  1. On the first page of the registration form you fill in your personal details: name, surname, email and telephone number. Students coming from non-EU countries fill in their passport number, not ID number. Students with Polish citizenship should provide their personal identification number PESEL.

  2. To go to the next page of the form click NEXT and provide details concerning the date, country and place of your birth, as well as your parents’ names and surnames.

3. On the following page of the form fill in the data concerning studies at Gdańsk Tech: faculty, field of study and cycle of studies, academic  year and semester, and finally the dates of your arrival and departure. 

In the Menu ‘Home university’ select your country and fill in the name of the institution then press SEARCH. If the name of the institution is found, select it from the list. Otherwise, type in the name of your university. In each case you also need to write faculty and current year of studies at your university.

4. On the next page enter details concerning place of your residence: address during your stay, and if you are going to stay in a dormitory, then you also need to write the dates of your check-in and check-out. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide your address data in your home country. 

5.  Moving on to the next page you give information concerning languages. You should fill in your native language and the language of your university. In the section ‘Add language’ write other languages you can speak (when you press ADD, the language and its level appears in the section ‘Other languages’). Having completed the section about languages , you will be able to add any necessary comments concerning your application.

6 .  Then complete your comment.

7. The next step is to fill in the subjects (Learning Agreement) in accordance with the current syllabus at Gdańsk Tech. The syllabuses can be found on Gdańsk Tech’s website in English under ECTS (link to the syllabus).


B – current semester at first- cycle studies
M – current semester at second-cycle studies

8. Then you add attachments such as photo (passport-size recommended), certified by your university Transcript of Records and a scan of ID document (Personal ID Card / Passport). You can send the attachments in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, odt, ods, pdf, rar, zip. If you have uploaded wrong file, you can remove it from the list of attachments and upload correct one. Finally you need to mark which attachment contains a photo.

9. On the last page of the form you should check the data entered and if it is correct you can send the form by pressing SEND. If you would like to check the data later, you should save the form without sending it  by pressing SAVE. It is also possible to correct the data. To do this, click Edit in the section you want to correct.

10. Having saved or sent the form you will receive the confirmation to the e-mail address you indicated. The confirmation message will contain PDF file with your application form and Learning Agreement. You will also receive application identifier and access code which will enable you to get access to the application  (Menu → Erasmus → Search your serve) and if necessary to edit or view it.

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