Moja PG Portal - PhD students

What is Moja PG - PhD students?

Moja PG is a university portal available at The portal consists of many modules with functionalities enabling electronic support for PhD students.

Students, PhD students and employees gain access by self-activation of the account on the website Other people, if necessary, the accounts are activated individually by the Helpdesk - at the request of the head of the organizational unit.

For PhD Students who start using the Moja PG portal, we recommend that you read the instructions for using the Moja PG - Student account, because the operation of the PhD student account is the same to the student account. The general interface of the student and PhD student account is common, however, some tabs and options of the student account may be different for the PhD student account. Therefore, the PhD student will not be able to use all the options of the student account.

Below are links to functionalities that are dedicated to the Doctoral School.Our IT Services Centre provides a training course from the eStudent application in Moja PG portal on the eNauczanie platform. The course is available in Polish and English.

The Helpdesk Team provides support in working on the Moja PG portal. Information on how to contact the Helpdesk is available on the IT Services Center page.

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