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Microsoft Teams is a program that allows you to connect with many people in real time. It's not just a platform for chatting and tele- and video-conferencing, but also a virtual place to collaborate with others. With MS Teams we can share and send files, which will be particularly appreciated by those working in larger teams. The Windows developer's platform can successfully be called a virtual open space for group work. It combines the functionalities of many other platforms, which makes it a powerful tool that we can use for many other things besides contacting other people. In addition to instant messaging, Microsoft Teams is a file-sharing space that we can work on with other people and track changes in real time.

This manual is a brief description of the basic operations in Microsoft Teams. For full access to the manual, and all documentation, go to

Logging in and getting started in the Teams application.

Logging into the Teams app

  1. Launch the Teams application.

  • In Windows, click Start -> Microsoft Teams or use the Search option, then type Microsoft Teams.

  • On a Mac, let's open the Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams.

  • On a mobile device, let's select the Teams icon.

  • Log in to Microsoft 365 with your username and password.

File sharing

To share a file in Microsoft Teams you need to:

  1. In a conversation on the channel, select Attach files under the field where you type the message.

  1. Select one of the following options:

  • Latest

  • Browse teams and channels

  • OneDrive

  • Transfer from computer/Transfer from this device.

  1. Select the file and then the Share link item.

    If the user is transferring a file from a computer, the user must select the file and click Open, then select Send.

You can view all the files you have published in the channel on the Files tab.

Collaboration in Teams application

@designation of the person.

  1. In the field where you write the message, type the @ symbol and the first few letters of the person's name. You can also @make whole teams and channels.

  1. Select a person. Follow these steps for each person you want to @designation of the person.

All @mentioned people will receive a notification in their Activity channel. Now look for the red circle next to the Activity item , to see if someone has @mentioned you.

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