Microsoft PowerPoint English Version

PowerPoint is a program for creating high-quality presentations. Numerous tools will allow you to present content in a few steps in a way that is attractive to the audience. Visuals in the form of images, smooth movie transitions and charts will help you present the most important data clearly.

This manual is a brief description of the basic operations in Microsoft PowerPoint. For full access to the manual, and all documentation, go to

Saving in PowerPoint

Saving presentations to OneDrive.

Once your files are stored in the cloud, you can share them, collaborate with others and access your files from anywhere - using a computer, tablet or phone.

  1. Choose File -> Save As.

  1. Select OneDrive item.

We save personal files to OneDrive - Personal, and business files to the OneDrive service used in your company. You can also save files in another location, such as on your device.

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