KPA Documents - Retrieving Documentation in the Student Application

When a document is issued to a student in accordance with the KPA, information about the pending document will be communicated through the 'Moja PG' portal. Within the Student application portal, under the 'Documents' tab → 'KPA Documents' section, documents related to the student's ongoing matters will be available. These will include both responses to documents previously submitted by the student and documents related to matters initiated by the Dean's Office. Students will also receive notifications in 'Moja PG' about pending decisions awaiting retrieval.

To retrieve a document, one must click the appropriate icon ('Receive Document') in the actions column next to the selected document.




Next, the system will display a request for confirmation of receiving the electronic document. After confirming receipt, we click 'Confirm' - only then will the document that was awaiting retrieval be displayed to us.





The document will be opened in preview mode, and at the bottom left, there will be links allowing you to download the digitally signed document and the proof of receipt:

The documents should be retained.

Documents unclaimed within 14 days will be considered received ex parte!


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